Here are the projects from Xwaves. They are categorized in two sections: Software and Hardware.

Software Projects

SkySMS 3

SkySMS 3 photo

Utility to send SMS through many providers. Includes an address book, a queuing system and a lot more.

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SkySMS Mobile

SkySMS Mobile photo

Utility to send SMS through Internet providers. iPhone / iPod Touch version of SkySMS.

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SkySMS 2

SkySMS 2 photo

Utility written in Java to send free SMS through swiss providers:
Swisscom Xtra-Zone© and

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MathServer photo

A web server with advanced mathematical functions and plotting capabilities. Demo available.

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G.C.E photo

Utility written in Visual Basic© to manage electronic components. It has options to fetch automatically component's description, component's datasheet and more.

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Hardware Projects

USB Graphical LCD

USB Graphical LCD photo

A small graphical LCD connected through USB with its display driver for Microwindows. The interface doesn't need any special driver.

Works good only on small LCD screen (max. 128 by 128 pixels)

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USB Graphical LCD 2

USB Graphical LCD 2 photo

A graphical LCD connected to a computer through USB with its Linux framebuffer driver. The device can act as a normal screen under a Linux OS.

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